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Skunk Hollow: St. Louis Park’s “Libation Destination”

St. Louis Park's history boasts a colorful tapestry of transformations, and one such example is the district known as Skunk Hollow. Don't let the odiferous name fool you – no longer home to its black and white namesakes, the area is now a haven for craft beverage enthusiasts. Forget the typical warehouse district vibes; Skunk Hollow is all about hops, grapes, and artisanal spirits – a true "libation destination" with a surprising twist!

April 25, 2024

Haggard Barrel Brewing: Where Grit Meets Great Beer

Haggard Barrel Brewing embodies the spirit of Skunk Hollow’s transformation. Run by two industry veterans, this small, up-and-coming brewery might have a “haggard” space (think cinder block garage with a DIY aesthetic), but their beers are anything but. Their passion lies in small-batch lagers and barrel-aged stouts, brewed with a focus on quality and a touch of creative rebellion.

Feeling like a classic brew? Grab a Schlapp’s American Lager, a crisp and refreshing choice. Craving an amber twist? The Vienna-style Amber Waves, brewed in collaboration with Wooden Ship Brewing, is your perfect match. Feeling adventurous? Glonky, a unique smoothie-style sour ale with mango, strawberry, and a super grain twist, awaits! Haggard Barrel is currently open for take-out, with beer sampling available and a taproom on the horizon. Keep an eye out!

Copperwing Distillery: Grain-to-Glass Magic with Liquid Delights

Next door to Haggard Barrel Brewing lies Copperwing Distillery, another gem in St. Louis Park’s “Distillery District.” This micro-distillery isn’t just about the end product; it’s an experience. With glass walls overlooking the production space, you can witness the magic of grain transforming into artisanal spirits.

Copperwing’s handcrafted offerings cater to every taste bud. Their signature Vodskey® is a clear spirit bursting with flavor, perfect for those who want something unique. Gin lovers will delight in the intense citrus character of Copperwing’s precision-crafted gin. Need a clean base for your cocktails? Their vodka is distilled for smoothness. Looking for a subtle butof kick? The small-batch, blended straight bourbon won’t disappoint. And for a taste of summer, Fresas – a delightful strawberry-infused gin – is a must-try. Feeling adventurous? Explore Fernet RamĂ©, a bitter-sweet herbal liqueur, or grab a ready-to-drink Copperwing House Calls cocktail for ultimate convenience.

Warehouse Winery: Uncork a Piece of St. Louis Park

Warehouse Winery is the perfect place to unwind and savor award-winning wines. Winemaker Billy Smith combines cold-climate grapes with some of the best from Northern California to create a delightful selection. Cabernet Sauvignon, Frontenac, Syrah, Merlot, Zinfandel – Warehouse Winery offers a wide variety of reds and a few whites to tantalize your taste buds.

Looking for a fun night out? Join them for Wine Down Wednesdays on the last Wednesday of the month. Enjoy tastings, live entertainment, and light appetizers for a relaxing end to your week. Warehouse Winery’s large open spaces and eclectic dĂ©cor also make it the ideal venue for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

The bar at Dampfwerk

Dampfwerk Distillery: European Flair with an American Twist

No tour of Skunk Hollow’s libation scene is complete without a visit to Dampfwerk Distillery. Located just across the parking lot from our other spirited establishments, this family-owned gem brings a touch of Europe to St. Louis Park, crafting fruit brandies, gins, aquavits, and herbal liqueurs with an unexpected American twist. Their spirits are designed to be savored in good company, making Dampfwerk the perfect spot for a relaxed gathering with friends or family.

Embrace the taste of the seasons with Dampfwerk’s fruit brandies, featuring whimsical women like Tilli (apple brandy) and Gwen (pear brandy). Gin enthusiasts can choose from a classic London Dry Gin, a barrel-aged Minnesota take on the juniper blend, or a floral Crane Gin inspired by an old German recipe. Feeling more adventurous? Try their caraway Aquavit, a Northern German-style spirit with a warm, sweet, and savory twist. In the mood for something herbal? Dampfwerk offers a variety of options, from the Helgolander, a botanical bitter, to the Pfeffersack, a contemporary take on a German-style herbal liqueur.

The Final Toast

St. Louis Park’s Skunk Hollow is a testament to transformation. From a district with an amusing backstory to a hub for craft beverages and cool finds, this up-and-coming area offers something for everyone. So, gather your friends, designate a driver, and embark on a delightful exploration of St. Louis Park’s hidden gem – where the drinks are flowing, the vibe is friendly, and a touch of history adds a unique charm to every sip!

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