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Winter Adventures

Snowshoeing & Kicksledding

Explore the snowy landscapes of Minnesota’s sweet spot via snowshoe! Snowshoeing is the perfect winter sport for all ages and ability levels.

grandfather and granddaughter snowshoeing

Theodore Wirth Regional Park

Head to The Trailhead at Theodore Wirth to start your snowshoeing adventure. Snowshoers will delight in the numerous single-track biking tails and designated hiking trails throughout the park. You can also snowshoe on three of the natural ski tails – Tornado Alley, JD Rivers, and Eloise Butler. Be sure to always move with traffic and stay to the left of the trail when on designated ski trails. Please remember that snowshoeing is not allowed on groomed ski trails.

Snowshoe rentals are available at The Trailhead.


In winter, Brookview maintains a one-mile, multi-use, natural snow recreational trail that meanders through the golf course. With gentle hills and solar LED lights, it’s an excellent spot to go for a stroll. The trail opens when snow conditions are appropriate and is maintained through late February.

Westwood Hills Nature Center

Naturalist leading kids on a walk wearing snowshoes

Westwood Hills Nature Center is a 160-acre nature area featuring marsh, woods, and restored prairie. Home to Westwood Lake and more than 3 miles of groomed trails, visitors can explore the winter world of Westwood via snowshoe, spotting wildlife along the way. You can rent a pair of snowshoes from the Interpretive Center, which is open 7 days a week. All sizes of snowshoes are available, starting with preschool, so even the littlest members of your family can join in on the fun.

adults and kids on kicksleds on westwood lake

Or get in touch with Minnesota’s Nordic roots and take a traditional Norwegian kicksled out for a spin. Glide across the snow and ice with these wood and metal sleds. Take turns “driving” and riding. It’s a great way to get some exercise while getting back to nature. Kicksleds are rented by the hour.

Snowshoe Rental

St. Louis Park and Golden Valley’s many parks provide ample spaces for snowshoeing. Hoigaard’s in St. Louis Park can supply you with rental showshoes to go exploring. Or buy a pair of your own! They also have a large selection of skis and winter apparel.