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Lilac Park


Hwy 7 Service Road
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

You’ll find the perfect picnic spot at Lilac Park, a 2.7-acre historic park located near Highway 100’s famed Lilac Way, a 12.5 mile stretch of freeway built during the Great Depression that is lined with over 8,000 lilac plants. Lilac Park is home to one of only two remaining beehive-shaped fireplaces in the entire U.S.  The fireplace, and neighboring picnic tables, are made of limestone that was quarried along the Minnesota River. Built by local stonemasons in 1939, each stone was cut by hand.  The fireplaces were nicknamed beehives because they resemble skeps, which are straw baskets placed open-end down and used to house bees for more than 2,000 years. Back in the day, families would stop at these roadside parks and roast hot dogs in the fireplaces. Although no longer functional, the beehive remains the centerpiece of this park.

The park features paved trails and picnic tables. It is on the regional bike trail line.

The park is exceptionally lovely in the spring, when the lilacs are in bloom.