New President and CEO Becky Bakken

Categories: Area News

Discover St. Louis Park has named Becky Bakken as its new President and CEO. Along with Bakken’s fifteen years of experience in Marketing as Citizens Independent Bank’s (CIB) Marketing Director, she will bring strong existing relationships and a deep understanding of the St. Louis Park community to her role as President and CEO. Prior to her tenure at CIB, Bakken worked in the hospitality industry and served as Executive Vice President and Director of Communications at the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce, one of Minnesota’s largest chambers.  


“After an exhaustive and quite competitive executive search process, Discover St. Louis Park is pleased to announce Becky Bakken as the organization’s second President and Chief Executive Officer,” reported Doug McIntyre, current chair of the 13-member DSLP Board of Directors.  “Becky set herself apart from the other candidates with her strong community ties and passion.”  McIntyre stated that the Board’s support for Becky was unanimous, and that “all on the DSLP Board look forward to seeing DSLP’s success continue under Becky’s new leadership.”     


When the City of St. Louis Park began entertaining the idea of creating a Destination Marketing Organization, Bakken’s interest and background in the travel and tourism industry led her to join the city’s task force. She then watched the organization grow and develop a strong reputation within the community and when former President and CEO, John Basill vacated the role, it seemed natural for her to vie for his replacement. “I am both honored and excited to join Discover St. Louis Park and have the opportunity to strengthen the awareness of this dynamic community as a meeting and event destination,” said Bakken. “I have been a longtime participant and advocate of St. Louis Park during my time at CIB.  I know its progressive nature and collaborative style. I am excited to continue being part of this community in my new role.”

Becky Bakken